Jawa motorcycles have a cool history in India, known for their classic look and strong performance. Recently, they launched the New Jawa 350, priced at Rs. 2.14 lakh, and it’s got people talking. In this article, we’re going to explore what makes this bike special and why it’s making waves in the Indian motorcycle scene.

Jawa Motorcycles’ Cool History

Jawa has been a favorite among motorcycle fans for a long time. Known for its timeless design and solid build, Jawa motorcycles have a legacy that goes way back. The New Jawa 350 continues this legacy with a mix of classic style and modern tech.

What’s New with Jawa 350

The launch of the New Jawa 350 was a big deal. The bike got a lot of attention because of its cool design and good performance. They had an event to show it off, and people were excited to see what this new Jawa had to offer.

What’s Cool About It – Features and Specs

Powerful Engine

The New Jawa 350 has a strong engine that gives a fun and exciting ride. It has [22.5 bhp] horsepower and [28.1Nm] torque, making it good for city rides and long journeys.

Classic Design

Jawa bikes have always looked cool, and the New Jawa 350 keeps that tradition alive. It’s got a retro style with a cool fuel tank and vintage exhaust that makes it stand out.

Modern Technology

This new bike also comes with the latest tech stuff. It has [Z] technology that makes it safe and easy to ride. From smart brakes to cool connectivity features, they’ve packed it with things to make your ride better.

How It Feels to Ride

Owning a Jawa has always been about more than just having a bike; it’s a whole vibe. The New Jawa 350 promises a fun and comfortable ride, turning every trip into an adventure.

Price and What You Get

At Rs. 2.14 lakh, the New Jawa 350 competes with other bikes in its range. We’ll see how it stacks up against them and if it’s a good deal for what you get.

How It Compares to Other Bikes

In a market full of bikes, how does the New Jawa 350 compare? We’ll check out its features, how well it performs, and if it’s worth your money compared to other bikes.

Jawa 350 in India

To really understand this bike, we need to know how it fits into the Indian motorcycle scene. We’ll explore how Indian riders are taking to the New Jawa 350 and if it’s what people are looking for.

What People Are Saying – Reviews

The best way to know if a bike is good is to hear from people who own it. We’ll look at reviews and what riders are saying about the New Jawa 350.

Good and Not-So-Good Things

No bike is perfect, and the New Jawa 350 is no exception. We’ll talk about what’s great and what could be better, giving you the full picture.

Taking Care of Your Bike

Owning a bike means taking care of it. We’ll talk about what maintenance the New Jawa 350 needs and how easy it is to get it serviced.

What’s Next for Jawa

What’s in store for Jawa motorcycles? Are there more exciting models coming? We’ll look at what’s in the pipeline and what Jawa has planned for the future.

Riding with the Jawa Crew

Being a Jawa owner is not just about having a bike; it’s about being part of a community. We’ll dive into the unique Jawa riding culture and why being a Jawa owner is like being part of a cool club.


In the end, the New Jawa 350 isn’t just a bike; it’s a mix of history, performance, and a community that loves the open road. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just getting into bikes, the New Jawa 350 is worth checking out.


  1. Is the New Jawa 350 good for beginners?Absolutely! The New Jawa 350 is made for riders of all skill levels, making it a great choice for beginners.
  2. What makes the New Jawa 350 different from other bikes?It stands out with its classic style, strong engine, and a mix of modern tech and tradition.
  3. How much fuel does the New Jawa 350 use?It’s pretty good on fuel, giving you a good balance between performance and mileage.
  4. Can I customize the New Jawa 350?Yep! Jawa offers ways to personalize your New Jawa 350, so you can make it yours.
  5. Where can I learn more about buying the New Jawa 350?For all the details on buying the New Jawa 350, check out the official Jawa website or get in touch with authorized dealers.

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